100% Free Resources

We’re committed to making prison a place of transformation. We do this through our three pillars; staff, inmate, and community. We invest in resources and provide those for free in order to live by our mission statement.

Staff Resources

Our dedication to the corrections workforce is unmatched. By offering cutting-edge tools and training programs, we aim to support staff in fulfilling their responsibilities more effectively, ultimately fostering a positive work environment and yielding improved outcomes for both staff members and inmates.

Inmate Resources

Within correctional facilities, we offer inmates engaging programs, constructive connections, and essential resources, enabling them to find a sense of purpose and meaning as they prepare for their reintegration into society.

Community Resources

Our approach involves actively involving the community in the core objective of corrections: improving public safety and preventing future criminal activities. We collaborate with various sectors, including businesses, educational institutions, faith-based organizations, and social service providers, to expand private sector involvement and support.