Community Resources

It is vital to involve and inform the community in order to transform prisons into centers of change. The community needs to be aware, compassionate, and supportive of individuals re-entering into society. Our efforts are directed towards shifting public perceptions of prison and uniting the community to rally behind this important cause. See our recent projects.

Dogan-Gaither Flats

In September of 2022, Fourth Purpose Foundation had a ribbon cutting in celebration of a housing project designed to help those are are incarcerated successfully re-enter into society. In partnership with Men of Valor, the faith based organization running the re-entry program, Dogan-Gaither Flats supports up to 35 ex-inmates and are provided with mentorship, counseling, and job readiness training.

Who's Your Neighbor?

Let’s challenge perceptions and embrace the power of second chances! With approximately 600,000 people being released from state and federal prisons annually, we’d like to raise the question, who’s your neighbor?

Former offenders returning to society could one day be your next-door neighbor. That’s why investing in our communities is crucial for success. We must break the stigma and focus on providing support and opportunities for growth.

Understanding how prisons shape society is vital. Let’s advocate for second chances and build stronger, more inclusive communities together! Check out our new Youtube video, Who’s Your Neighbor?