4 Modules

A Vision for Public Safety

Public safety is a foundational human need, and is critical to a thriving society. The role of the corrections system in contributing to public safety is often misunderstood. The Vision for Public Safety course helps equip the corrections workforce to tell a better story about the importance of their work to society.

Module 1 : Introduction

In America, we tuck away prisons, out of sight and out of mind. The corrections system is critically important to public safety, yet it is largely ignored. We are speaking up for corrections, and drawing attention to its vital role in our society.

Module 2 : Defining the Problem

Research demonstrates that the corrections workforce often struggles with conflict or ambiguity concerning their role. This has contributed to job stress, burnout, and lack of job satisfaction. A lack of clear vision has also limited the sector’s ability to attract a new talent pool, often excluding recruitment toward those who want to work in a human-services-focused environment.

Module 3 : History Lesson

The emphasis on rehabilitation for the corrections system is not a new idea. In this lesson, we look at the reasons for the creation of the prison system, and efforts to reform it over the last 200 years. Though the reformation of the incarcerated person has always been the goal, the workforce has struggled to keep it as a practical and driving principle in its regular operations.

Module 4 : Public Education

Improved public perception of corrections is beneficial to recruiting efforts and to overall job satisfaction within the workforce itself. The public’s perception and understanding of the mission will also help to secure legislative support and funding. Correct and clear messaging about the purpose of corrections, coming from a workforce that has embraced a unified vision, can help resolve public misunderstandings.

Course Testimonials

The testimonials below are part of the Vision for Public Safety course, but can also be used individually to reinforce the vision both inside and outside the walls. User guides on how to do this are found within the course content.

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