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Each of the full courses contains everything needed for in-person delivery. Correctional training professionals are free to download the materials and deliver them in the format of their choice, or use individual components of the courses as supportive instruction in existing trainings and leadership settings.

Values Based Wellness

The American correctional workforce is hurting. With high levels of staff shortages & turnover rates, poor public perception of the job, mental & physical health risks, & personal wellbeing issues, the time to turn the tide for our correctional staff is now. This Values-Based Wellness Plan has been crafted especially for the corrections workforce, leaning in to their unique stressors and challenges, and developing tools and resources to help withstand the demands of the job. Specifically, this training will address job burnout, hypervigilance, trauma processing, and the role of mindset and wellness.

Vision for Public Safety

A lack of clear vision for corrections has led to role conflict and role ambiguity, contributing to job stress, poor leadership, and job burnout among the workforce. This lack of clear vision has limited the sector’s ability to attract a new talent pool, thus contributing to prolonged staffing shortages. A clear vision of the corrections work, especially when it is tied to the meaningful work of life change, will contribute to better organizations decisions and improved job satisfaction.

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